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Expatriate and International Tax

Are you an expatriate coming to work in the UK? Do you employ expatriates on assignment to the UK? Are you leaving the UK to work abroad? If so, we offer a comprehensive tax and social security review to ensure that double taxation is mitigated. Employers need to be aware of their PAYE obligations in respect of of expatriates on assignment with them. We have the expertise to advise on Modified and Shadow payrolls, Tax Equalisation, Tax Residence planning, and sheltering offshore income for Non Domiciled individuals. If you are letting your home in the UK whilst living abroad then please let us help you file your Non Resident Landlord Return. We also offer US tax filing for US citizens and we make sure you are compliant for FBAR filings for the US Treasury.


Self Assessment Tax Returns

Syeda Sadiq have years of expertise in efficiently planning your tax affairs to minimise your personal tax liability. Whether you are Sole trader, Partnership or a High Net Worth Individual we know how to look at your affairs in their entirety in order to minimise your tax burden. If you are the subject of an HMRC enquiry or need help paying your tax, please contact us.


Corporate Accounting and Corporate Tax Returns

We prepare final accounts and can advise on how to minimise your Corporate Tax liability. All of your filing obligations can be taken care of , so you have more time to concentrate on generating Profit.


Owner Managed Businesses

Are you a sole trader or partnership? We can advise on whether incorporation would be more tax efficient way to run your business. Are you a director running your own company? We know how to structure your remuneration to extract your profits as dividends to minimise your tax liability. Sometimes tax efficiency can lead to Social Security inefficiency. We take an overall view of your affairs to advise on the best outcome for your lifestyle and aspirations. A bespoke tailored service is at the heart of all we do.


Estate and Trust Planning

Are you concerned about Inheritance tax? Please let us help you organise your affairs in a tax efficient manner. Trusts can be used to transfer assets and reduce liability to Inheritance Tax. If you have significant world wide assets or are a High Net Worth Individual then please let our expertise help you.


Capital Gains Tax

Significant gifts to family or sale of assets can lead to a Capital Gains Tax liability. Syeda Sadiq have to skills to calculate your liability and, if possible, negotiate a Contract of Payment with HMRC to help you pay the tax due.

Our Services

Expatriate and international tax
Non resident landlord tax returns
Self Assessment tax returns
Estate and Trust planning
Inheritance tax (IHT)
Capital gains tax (CGT)
Partnerships and Sole Traders
Payroll and bookkeeping

Corporate accounting
corporations tax returns
Dividend Extraction
Remuneration structuring
Companies House filing
Company Secretarial work
Owner managed businesses
Not for Profit organisations